Take a moment to read through the testimonials of satisfied patients who have received superb care from Dr. Park. You can be certain that your loved ones also will be receive the best care from Dr. Park.

L.W. Patient

The treatment provided by Dr. Park has been exceptional. He always asks what my concern is for the season, whether it is ART® or adjustment.

The improvement my body has made during the last two years is fantastic. I sleep better, fewer headaches, and less body pain in shoulders, neck, back, and hips.

Thank you, Dr. Park, for putting my life back to an active status.

R.D. Patient

I started my ART® treatment in November 2012 and after about 2~3 weeks I noticed a big difference in my ankle. I was having better range of motion and I could walk without limping or being in pain. I had a follow up appointment in January 2013 with my surgeon and he could not believe the improvement in my ankle and told me to keep up with ART®.

Dr. Park has made me a believer in ART®! Dr. Park is very knowledgeable and explains everything in detail to you. He has been a great help to me in a very short time frame. I will continue my treatment and highly recommend that if you are considering Active Release Techniques®, to let Dr. Park work his magic.

C.S. Patient

I am a runner, so I add additional stress on my skeletal structure as well as my muscles on a daily basis. The stress put on my muscles had always led to aches and pains…. ART treatment has been a tremendous help to me.

With the help of Dr. Park and ART® treatment, running is fun and enjoyable again.

F.W. Patient

I have been a fast pitch softball player for over 45 years and developed hip flexor, extensor and rotator problems in my left hip. (Also old age 63).

Dr. Park has been treating my condition for the last month which has given me the freedom to continue my pitching!

I highly recommend his great knowledge of muscle problems and thank him for his caring and assistance.

T.D. Patient

Treatment with Dr. Park has definitely eased my everyday life.

Ever since I came in for my adjustments and ART®, I’ve experienced less and less pain. Tension in my back and shoulder has reduced drastically, and I’ve always been known to have extreme tension problems. I feel more relaxed and have more mobility as an active athlete training for Tough Mudder.

Dr. Park is very attentive and definitely is attuned to his patients’ needs.

C.E. Patient

I have suffered from lower back and neck pain for years and now I can say I’ve gotten better. I used to have pain and discomfort sitting for a long period of time as well as pain sleeping on my back. Now, I feel better and feel a huge improvement. The shoulder pain Dr. Park was treating also has gotten better. My neck, shoulder and back muscles have improved a lot. I highly recommend ART® treatment with adjustments. It works!

Dr. Park helped me, and he can help you too.

A.B. Patient

After suffering from continual pain in my elbows and thumbs for most of the summer of 2013, I started ART® treatment with Dr. Park.

Within a month, the pain was gone and now I have more range of motion in my shoulders and arms than I have had in years.

N.C. Patient

After having ART® treatment with Dr. Park, my right shoulder, which has given me many problems in flexibility and strength improved quite nicely.

I have noticed my soreness has been decreasing and regain much elasticity in my muscles.

Now when I am doing sports or weight lifting, I feel renewed as my right shoulder is no longer as tender.

M.H. Patient

Dr. Park’s technique is invigorating and enlightening.

E.E. Patient

It has been a tremendous transformation for me in the last year and a half.

I started with neck and shoulder problems running along my nerve, hindering me from sleeping, let alone working out! But because I try to stay active, Dr. Park’s adjustments coupled with ART® treatment have made me forget I even had issues!

B.R. Patient

Before chiropractic care, I could barely run. As an ex-track athlete, being able to run is important to me. Since receiving treatment, I have been able to run more and further than before.

C.S. Patient

When I mention to him that I am feeling more discomfort of pain in certain areas of my upper body, Dr. Park really takes the time and focuses that day of treatment to those areas. With just having a new baby and working full time, it is hard to find the time to rest my body in order to heal correctly. But the knowledge and help that Dr. Park has bestowed on me has helped me greatly.