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Dr-Park_225_300I am a Chiropractor and founder of Park Chiropractic Clinic & Wellness Center. I am an experienced doctor who genuinely wants to make a difference in the quality of my patients’ lives. My ultimate goal is to provide exceptional premium patient care that is individualized to each person’s needs. I treat patients ranging from pediatric to geriatric and provide a range of services from physical exams to daily treatments. I assure you that you will receive great care from me. I would be very happy to meet to discuss your condition in more detail, and I look forward to meeting with you.
–  Dr. Haesung Park, D.C. – Founder, Park Chiropractic Clinic & Wellness Center

About Dr. Park

Dr. Park is a licensed Chiropractic Physician who practices in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr. Park’s desire to help people and save lives developed during his medical experience treating soldiers as a medic in the South Korean armed forces. Upon his honorable discharge from military, he completed his BA in Economics in 2002 and then moved to the U.S. to pursue his goal. He undertook two years of specialized study in radiography culminating with three clinical rotations in 2007.

Dr. Park completed his doctoral degree from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose, California. He earned the prestigious Clinical Excellence Award at Palmer for outstanding work during his internship in patient diagnosis, chiropractic technique, radiography, and case management. His patients at the outpatient clinic appreciated his excellent patient care and strong work ethic.

Upon graduation, Dr. Park practiced as a primary treating doctor in the SF Bay Area and continued to develop his professional knowledge and skills. In 2015, Dr. Park established his own clinic and outfitted it with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the utmost in patient care. Through the Park Chiropractic Clinic & Wellness Center, Dr. Park is achieving his mission to provide comfort and increase the health of every patient in this community.

In addition to his chiropractic credentials, Dr. Park is master-level certified in Active Release Techniques (ART®), including spine, upper extremity, lower extremity, nerve entrapment, masters, and complex protocols. He also is a certified radiology supervisor and operator in California.

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Dr. Haesung Park, D.C.
Phone: (415) 874-9669
2933 Hardeman Street
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